Jackie Chen – My Walk With Him

People always say “how time flies”. It is true, and really is. I have been a Christian for nearly 5 years and have been serving part-time in HOTL for nearly 3 years. There is no doubt that the past 3 years have been such a great blessing to me.

  1. To be frank, I am a person with lots of pride, and I used to be worse than what I am today. For some reasons, I have to work as a nanny and have to do some housework including cleaning. It is all part of the work. It is fairly hard to imagine such a proud person like me to go down to the level of a servant. Did I complain? Of course yes! All through these years I couldn’t even remember how many times I brought this matter to God, and asked Him to take it away! But God never did. He did not do it for a reason. In the bible, it says “in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) I did not realize the benefit of subjecting myself to this training until one day. After watching me washing dishes and cleaning up the whole place, Priscilla came over and said to me, “Jackie, you are very efficient and effective.” Until then I just realized that in one way or the other, God has already showered upon me His blessings. And of course Pastor Gregory also shared with me that over the years, my pride is fading away. Praise God that in each and every happening in life, He is working out a good way for my ultimate benefit.
  2. I like to hang over with students, and within the group I always hear about such comments as “Study is so hard”, or “I hate study” so on and so forth. I felt for them because I have been studying continuously for 18 years. I used to feel that I have been studying all of my life, and I am not going to do any more. I have had enough. Anyhow not long after I started working for the church, I was asked to take the biblical course from Moore College. To make matters worse, this is a correspondence course, which means I have to do it in my own time. Of course I struggled a lot at the start. I was frustrated and I cried when I a felt lack of ability to master the subject or short of time in preparing for examinations. Yet thank God for His faithfulness. In Psalm 126:5, it states that “those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” Endurance and perseverance will lead us through to the end. Thank God that I have just one more subject to go to complete the preliminary theological certificate. Certainly, this course has deepened my understanding of God and his teachings. This study has enabled me to write songs biblically.
  3. Mentioning those songs which I have written, I want to give the Lord my utmost gratitude. I have loved music since a young age, yet I did not have the opportunity to fulfill this dream until now. God knows me and He knows my desire. I did not even dream that I could use my voice and gift to serve Him in the kingdom ministry, not to mention about composing gospel songs myself. Our heavenly Father is a gracious Father. He gives us more than we ask or expect. Over the years He has touched me and given me 14 songs. Some of these have already been incorporated into 2 Gospel CDs by Keys of Worship. Now, I can compose songs and through which to testify His faithfulness and grace to many more people.


We all like to plan our way, especially at the end of the year. But, we must leave room for His plan to fit into ours. We must learn to trust in Him. Just like what Proverb 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” May His blessings be upon you according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus!

我与上帝同行 (陈航姐妹的见证)


  1. 老实说我是一个骄傲的人,而过去的我比现在更加高傲。因为工作的需要,我也会但当保姆的工作,还要做清洁和家务。这些都是作为工作职责的一部分,而可以想象对于一个像我这样骄傲的人,是很难承受的事实。如果问我有没有抱怨,当然是有的。这么些年来,我已经无法计算曾经多少次, 我到上帝的面前,请求他挪去这个重担。但是上帝没有,从来没有。他没有这样做乃是有他的理由。圣经罗马书8章28节说,“万事互相效力,让爱神的人得益处,就是按神的旨意被招的人。”而直到有一天我才发觉这些益处。当我洗刷完碗碟,收拾好厨房后,师母望着我说,“Jackie,你收拾得很干净利索。”那一刻我才发觉原来上帝早已用各样的方式,将这些祝福交在我们的手中。牧师这些年也分享说,我的傲气也慢慢在消逝。感谢上帝,事无论巨细,他都乃是要让我们的益处,蒙他的福分。
  2. 我很喜欢与学生相处。而在我们的这个团契中经常会听到一些说法,比方说“学习太难啦”,或者“我一点都不喜欢学习”等如此之类。我太能够理解这种心情了。我本人已经连续在校园中度过了18个春秋,以前我总是觉得活到如今,我几乎全部在学习,我已经学够了!不过就在刚刚开始教会服事不久,我就要被要求接受摩尔圣经学院的圣经课程。而且更令我担心的是,这是函授课程,所以我要用自己的时间来学习。可想而知一开始的时候,我是多么的挣扎。这么些年,当我觉得学习难度大,或者时间不够多,我烦恼过,伤心过,焦虑过,也失望过。但是上帝是信实的。诗篇126章5节说到,“流泪撒种的,必欢呼收割”。只有坚持到底才能够让我们见到胜利的曙光。现在我还差一个科目,就拿到神学预科证书了。而无可置疑,这些年来的学习,也加深了我对上帝的认识,也对我福音歌曲的创作,奠定了神学的根基。
  3. 提到音乐,我更是对上帝感恩不尽。从小我就钟情于音乐,但是却没能有机会来追逐这个梦想。他了解我,并知道我的喜好。我从来都未曾梦想过可以用我的声音,如此在天国的事奉为他使用,更不用提可以自己创作福音歌曲。但是我们的天父是充满慈爱怜悯的神,他所赐给我们的也是多过于我们所求所想的。这些年来他感动我,赐给我14首诗歌,其中一些也已经被收录在天匙敬拜赞美团的2张专辑中。我可以用我的经历来向更多的人,见证他的信实和美好恩典。




I came to Bendigo 18 years ago from Singapore. For many years I was battling a painful marriage, which ended in divorce.

However, God was very merciful and gracious. Three years ago, He delivered me from my misery. The book – The Heavenly Man, and DVDs about the underground church in China, revived a desire in me to serve the Lord, after many years of inactivity.

One cold winter morning, the Lord woke me up at 5:30 to pray. It was the beginning of my communication with the Holy Spirit which I had never experienced before. We had conversations. I felt His presence beside me.

Two weeks on in church, the Lord spoke to me through the message, to give Him all my pain, hurts, anger, frustration and misery. I went forward and cried out to Him with all my heart to take away everything within me that had held me captive. Amazingly, He did just that. All my emotional pain left me. It felt like He has put an anaesthetic to my heart, to block out the pain.

For three months the Lord continued to wake me at 5:30 in the morning to meet with Him. He convicted me of the wrongs I had done and gave me the courage to ask my ex-husband for forgiveness; taking responsibility for my part in the breakdown of our marriage. The action I took freed me from the stranglehold of my past. There was a great sense of freedom, as though my chains had fallen off. From that day on, there was no looking back.

I can’t praise Him enough for His healing. Many wonderful things have happened since, including the instantaneous healing of my gluten and milk intolerance. He is my Healer. His Spirit is inspiring me and building me up to serve. With God, it’s never too late to start all over again. He is able to achieve His purpose for me, whatever it takes.



Dora Taggert

I come from a family of nine children.  Though my parents worship their “ancestors”, they sent me to a Christian school for my secondary education.  We used to have religious study once a week, but I never believed in God as I thought God was not real, because I could not “see” Him.  I then went to England to further my study when I was in my early twenties.  There I met a very nice Chinese girl who used to take me to church, youth groups and bible study groups, but I never really understood, because I never saw any “miracles” nor “signs” from God as a lot of Christians used to tell me what God has revealed to them.

In January 1980 I migrated to Australia and in March I met Trevor (my husband) in Melbourne.  I used to have to drive up to Bendigo to visit him once a fortnight.  One day as I was on the way to Bendigo I nearly hit a truck from the opposite direction, fortunately I hit a mountain of sand instead.  I blacked out for a while and thought I was dead, but when I woke up I found myself still alive. It was a real miracle as my car was badly damaged and was not repairable. I really thanked God for saving my life. Trevor and I had a lot of problems before we got married, mainly due to cultural differences. One day we both decided to go to church to seek God’s guidance. One year later I decided to confess of my sins and receive Christ as my Saviour, and was baptized in  a Melbourne church. God took away both of our fear of marrying someone with a different nationality and culture.  In January 1982 we got married at All Saint’s Cathedral, Bendigo (where House of The True Light situates now).
I used to feel very inadequate as a Christian as I thought I was not as spiritual as others, or that I didn’t know a lot about the bible as I couldn’t remember many verses due to my poor memory.  Now I realize God is a faithful God, He has no prejudice and treats us all the same. He blesses our family all the time, guides us, and gives us peace and unconditional love.  As long as we have faith in God and believe in Him, He will provide us with all our need. God will lead us into the path of His choosing and gives us the patience to follow in that pathway.  He is the source of all truth.  (Ref:  Luke 11:1-13)

Carol Prince

A testimony is something one finds hard to write because it is too complex. To me, it is mysterious and mind-boggling to say the least. Nevertheless, I have had an unexpected, unexplainable and wondrous encounter with our Lord, Jesus when I was at my very lowest moments in the early 1970s. After that, my life was never the same. I still have my ups and downs in life like all normal humans do but He never lets me down, always prodding me along…

Weird but wonderful things started to manifest. I said “weird” because they were unexplainable and too numerous to recall. They were remarkable miracles of healings in different people I had befriended throughout the years and now. Also, dramatic transformation of situations or circumstances in other people’s lives, changed for the better in the Holy name of our Lord, Jesus. Amen.

How I came into the “House of the True Light” was another miracle. I was asked several times by a church member, Florence to attend the church. At that time, I was “comfortable” in another church. So, I hesitated as I was already preparing to be accepted into the Roman Catholic Church as my three children and their father are Catholics. So, I prayed for God’s guidance for a few weeks. Then, He stirred up my heart and said “Go and explore and it wouldn’t hurt me.” So, I plucked up my courage, took my sister, Connie along and went. Well, needless to say, the rest is history and I have stayed with the church for a few years now. I also rediscovered my love for singing praises to our God like I used to do in my younger days, in my old church choir in Malaysia. It is also my way of communicating with Him through songs and praises, and will continue to do so for as long as He wants me to. Praise the Lord! Amen.