Rida Su – With all I am, I believe in you, Jesus

My testimony is really like a greeting card to my God. I think my heavenly father has changed me a lot from inside out. ‘Set apart for God; belonging to God; pure; godly: “be holy, because I am holy” ’ (Leviticus 11: 44). This is my most favorite scripture in the bible. I like this verse because God has taught me the most significant thing in my life – forgiveness.

I have been a Christian for almost three years. After I became a Christian, the first step I took was to forgive my father. He was the nightmare of my life when I was a child. Because my father is a gambler, and every time when he lost his money, he would choose to beat me until I was bleeding. During that time, my situation was hopeless and helpless. I couldn’t share my feeling with anyone about my child abuse experience, even to my mum or other relatives. The reason is that I don’t want my parents to be divorced, and the only reaction I had was to cry in order to release my pain. Because of that, I really struggled with my relationships with male classmates; I am just scared that they would beat me in the same way as my father did. Since then, I was never willing to talk to guys, and my heart was closed until the time I could forgive my father.

I really thank God that He helped me to make this significant step in my life. With His healing, my heart is opened again. Because He is my mighty Father, I have been set free. Hosanna in Hebrew is a word of praise meaning “save”: ‘Hosanna in the highest’ (Matthew 21: 9). This is the word that I want to pray to my Lord and I feel very grateful because Jesus Christ is my redeemer. His unending love has created this miracle for me, and His amazing grace has touched my heart to let me forgive my father.

Nowadays, my relationship with my father still hasn’t become close enough. However, I always remember these two verses in the bible, ‘the Lord is my strength and my song’ (Exodus 15:2); ‘through Him who gives me strength’ (Philippians 4:13).That’s why I really want to restore this relationship, and I pray that God will keep giving me the strength to make it better. I believe in you, Jesus, with all I am.